twin Souls and

Divine Complements



Are you with your "true" soulmate or has someone else fulfilled your heart's desire?

In interviewing over a hundred couples for my new book Divine Complement , I was struck by the similarity in the stories of how soulmates met and the divine creative design that drew them together.   From those still looking for their soulmate I am often asked, "How will I know he or she is "the One"?   Listed here are a dozen characteristics, indicators and clues that he or she is your authentic Divine Complement. 

   1. You are magnetic opposites .   It's true! Most soulmates are opposites who complement each other's strengths and masculine and feminine traits.   So if your partner seems stubbornly rational when all you want from him or her is listen to your emotional needs or follow your intuitive lead in making a major decision, you are likely complements who need to apply a balanced approach. The greater function of a soulmate relationship is to mirror each other's less realized and actualized traits and talents and to blend them together into a productive balanced partnership.


2. Your soulmate is not perfect and has caused you to discard your wish list of ideals.   Your true soulmate may not match your qualifications for the perfect mate or match.   Rather he or she is a 'soul-match', meaning they will help evolve your soul out of its previous conditioning and urge you to perfect the love you were meant to give freely and unconditionally.


3. A dream may have announced your soulmate's entrance on the stage of life with a loud trumpet call .   Many soulmates dream of each other months or even years before they actually meet.   It seems that they rendezvous in the ethers before the relationship ever lands on earth.   A mysterious dream lover or a stranger who waltzed into a room in your house in a dream, may have alerted you that your soulmate reunion had been divinely planned for the near future.


4. Magic was afoot the day you met and reached a crescendo in the weeks that followed .   " It was kismet" sums up the experience and the world around you took on the air of   'somewhere over the rainbow'.   Serendipity and synchronistic signs may have alerted you that he or she was "the one."   "A soulmate awakening" as I coin these experiences reveals a dimension of creativity that is full of magic and meaningful signs to authenticate your soulmate's identity.


5. You were introduced by a member of your family or a friend.   A large percentage of soulmates are introduced by a friend or family member who innocently played matchmaker, usually without any idea that they were bringing you together for life.   Other souls collaborate with you to make your soulmate dreams come true.


6. You met at someone else's wedding or in church.   Soulmate meetings are meant to tie the knot with a meaningful event or situation that points you to the profound spiritual connection you share and to the divine nature of the relationship. 


7. A divine spark lit your heart the moment your eyes met. Most soulmates attest it was love at first sight.   Lucille Ball recalled that when she met Desi it wasn't exactly love at first sight.   "It took all of 5 minutes." The divine connection between twin souls creates a synergy that ignites each other's hearts with a powerful love energy--it is spiritual chemistry.


8. You ran into each other over and over again before you ever dated.  Sometimes the love spark doesn't catch the first time, and soulmates need several encounters before they connect in a more meaningful way.   It may seem like God pushed you together.   The soulmate play on the stage of life may have many scenes and acts before the wedding feast.


9. Your partner seemed "oh so familiar" even on the first date.   Soulmate relationships are karmic which means you likely spent several lifetimes together.   Your soul remembers their soul intimately even if the details of the past lives are never revealed.


10. Your relationship presents challenges that seem like unfair spiritual tests.   Your soulmate seems to know what buttons to push to help you let go of the patterns you have outgrown that could sabotage your relationship. Fate may present hurdles that test the love that you have promised each other.   Soulmates are meant to grow spiritually through tests of their love for each other and these tests are never easy.


11. Your childhood legacy and past relationship experiences contain uncanny parallels.   When you sat down to talk about your family history it is likely that discovered you suffered from some of the same emotional issues growing up or held similar attitudes about one or both of your parents. Your legacy in some ways mirrors your mate's so that you can bond emotionally and serve each other with compassion through the psychological healing process.


12. You are on the same page with your vision and aspirations for the future.   Generally, soulmates want the same things out of their relationship and of life. Some soulmates have promised to serve the greater good of humanity side-by-side, and will collaborate to contribute something meaningful, such as a book or a humanitarian mission.   Each of you may have arrived with a different piece of the future puzzle and putting them together will give you a clearer picture of your higher purpose together.

copyright--2006--Ariadne Green

Sunday, August 2, 2009

12 Indicators That He or She Is “The One”