Twin Souls And

Divine Complements



Back In My Arms Again:

Soulmates Can Have A Second Chance

Just about everyone is familiar with the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.  It’s all about an on-again, off-again, sometimes-romantic, sometimes-just-friends relationship that takes 12 years and 3 months to get the quirky, “made for each other” couple to the altar.  Dawn breaks for Harry, played by Billy Crystal, only after he reaches the climax of desperation.  He finds himself wandering the streets of Manhattan alone on New Year’s Eve in deep conversation with himself.  It suddenly clicks:  He loves this woman named Sally.  He runs straight to a New Year’s Eve party, knowing she’ll be there.  It’s the stroke of midnight, and Sally, played by Meg Ryan, is standing alone looking forlorn and feeling about as disillusioned as a woman can feel when everyone around her is puckered up for New Year’s Eve kisses. Harry walks in and straight up to her, telling her, “I came to the realization I love you.”  This isn’t quite enough to turn her around.  She replies, “I hate you, Harry.”   He replies, “OK, I like the way you crinkle your nose when you don’t understand a thing I say, and I love that you’re the first person I want to talk to in the morning and the last person I want to talk to before I go to bed.”  Suddenly, her expression changes, they kiss and the mountain of differences between them crumbles.


I bring up the storyline of “Harry Meets Sally” because the scenario is familiar to those who may feel they waited too long and missed or rejected the opportunity be with their soulmate.  Maybe it was because they considered the person as just a good friend or because they had difficulty sorting out their baggage about commitment before getting their first gray hairs.  Instead, they looked around every corner for their perfect match, discovering only later their soulmate had already been in their life.  

The dawning realization that your soulmate was someone from your past can send you searching the ends of the earth to find them again.  For some lucky soulmates the door swings open for a second chance. 

I met two beautiful elderly couples who prove that it’s never too late for a second chance.  If anyone ever wanted evidence of how powerful the unconscious drive is to reunite with a soulmate, these couples were the proof. 

Alex and Anna were 74 and 75, respectively, when they got together for the second time.  They’d been high school sweethearts engaged for three years before Alex went into the service.  Anna wouldn’t say why they drifted apart, but they did, and they married other people, had children and were widowed within a few years of each other.  Anna thought it time that she stop avoiding eye contact with Alex when they passed on the street in their hometown.  She sent him a Christmas card as a “thinking of you” gesture and got a call from Alex the next morning.  That began their second-chance romance, and they recently made commitment vows at their church and plan to marry soon.  All the while I was standing talking to Anna at the restaurant while we waited for a table, she was standing under a sign that read “A Promise Is a Promise.”   I thought it fitting and synchronistic.

A second couple, Omar and Sarah, were in their late 60s, widowed and open for a relationship when they met again at a high school reunion.  They’d never clicked in high school. Sarah thinking him far too shy and aloof for her tastes back then.  Despite the fact that Omar was friends with Sarah’s cousin, the matchmaking link that should have brought them together, their soul-mate relationship never got off the ground in the way their soul and spirit designed it.   It would be 50 years, a forever tale of missed opportunity, before these two would meet again to begin a cherished friendship.

What earns soulmates a second chance? 

1.  Soul searching and maturational strides.

When a soulmate relationship failed because one or both members of the partnership lacked the emotional maturity to commit or passed on their soulmate to be with someone else it may necessitate that they get free of entanglements and mature emotionally.  Life will be full of experiences that push you and your soulmate to do the inner work necessary and shed the patterns that stood in the way.  If your attitudes change for the better and both of you are ready the stars will align and the door will magically open for a second chance.

2.  The power of forgiveness   There is nothing like true forgiveness to set your hearts free to love again.  By forgiving yourself for your mistakes, ones that may have caused the rift, you clear not only your conscience, but the pathway of your heart.   With your heart cleansed of regrets, a powerful love note will be sent to your soulmate. 

If your soulmate abandoned you, you naturally will have a great deal of forgiving to do in order for your heart to mend and to warm up to the idea that they may have changed for the better.  Forgiving them will send a push of energy that will free and help heal their soul.   

3Holding them in your heart and in your prayers.  The act of keeping someone in your thoughts and prayers will not only influence their life positively, but it will improve you spiritually.  Not that you want to force them to love you by holding a prayer vigil or summoning the power of the universe to bring them back to your door.  It’s will be enough to mention them in your prayers and to meditate in your heart visualizing there inside.

3.  Being Ready and Able.   Reuniting with your soulmate after a long period of disconnect may not be easy.  You may have to brave it and make a concerted effort to reconnect.  For Sarah it was as easy as sending a Christmas card and for Harry he had to run the long distance and say everything he failed to say before.